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Jim Brady
BARITONE Ronnie Booth LEAD Michael Booth TENOR

Ronnie Booth, Christian Lead Singer, Guitarist, and Harmonist of the Southern Gospel Trio :The Booth Brothers.

1999 saw them receive the SGMA New Artist of the Year Award and in 2001, the group was SGMA Trio of the Year.

For the last couple years, the group has been regulars on the Bill Gaither Homecoming tour.

Nickname Junior
Ronnie & Kim
Ronnie & Kim at NQC
On September 5th , Ronnie Booth and Kim Duncan were united in marriage in Franklin, TN. The quaint and intimate wedding took place in a wonderful Victorian house with close friends and family gathered there to witness this God given union.
Kim’s dad, Reverend Howard Leman and Reverend Don Garrett, the man who also united Priscilla and Ron Booth, Sr in marriage, co-performed the ceremony. Rev. Garrett read from the same bible that he used in Ronnie’s parents wedding many years ago and then presented it to the couple.
A very special moment in the ceremony was when Ronnie sang to his bride. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place!!
The new family includes children Amy, Jonathan, Ronnie Lee and Daniel. They reside Tennessee.
How Ronnie & Kim Meet: I met Kim three years ago at her father’s church in Plantation, Fl. She’s a very intelligent, Godly woman. My life is truly complete now. She has decorated the home so beautifully. You know, truthfully, it really is much harder to get on the bus every week. It’s a great feeling to know she’ll be there when I get home but it sure is tough. If I didn’t believe I was doing a significant work for the Lord I’d stay home. I’ll be forty-two this month and God has allowed me to be a part of some incredible things. I’ve lived life long enough now to understand what the real priorities are. She really didn’t know very much about southern gospel until she met me and she has enjoyed getting to know some of the artist. As far as my singing, I’m singing better than I’ve sung in a long time. She has brought so much peace and joy in my life. I’m so relaxed even after a long weekend on the bus with my brother !!!
Born Detroit, Michigan
Birthday June 28, 1965
Parents Ron Booth I Born in Wayne WV. Later Moved To Michigan, Than To Tampa Fl.
Priscilla Booth
Grandmother Ethelene Copeland Ashburn Born May 26 1918
Died August 13 2009
Grandfather Virgle Ashburn June 20 1914
Sibling Melissa Ann Simms (Sister)
Spouse Kim Duncan Gwendolyn Faye Archbell Roberts Booth Gwen had been married to Keith Eugene Roberts on 7/2/1982 and Divorced in 1986. Married Ronnie around Oct 21 1988.  Divorced 2002-2003
Anniversary Sept 5th 2006
Children Ronnie Lee Booth III September 15, 1991
Daniel Booth July 29, 1993
Amy Kim Daughter
Kim Son
Jonathan graduate High school Memorial Day weekend
Musical History Ronnie started singing in choirs at school and church. Ronnie’s love for music and singing continued to grow, and he joined the choirs in junior high, high school, and at church.
Influences Multiple genres, including pop, rock, gospel and many more. listening to gospel music, country music and singers such as the Eagles, Barry Manilow and others.
Hobbies Fishing, Golfing, Spending time with his boys
Jake Hess Oak Ridge Boys George Younce
Movies Passion of The Christ, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, All Rambo, and Braveheart
Bible Verse Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.
Instruments Guitar
Saved At the age of 5 Ronnie sang the song The Night Before Easter on the Rebels’ television program. It was just one year later when Ronnie asked the Lord to come into his heart and be his personal Savior.
Favorite Christmas Song The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. I have such a respect for that era and the quality of music it represents.
Color Brown
Ethnic Food Italian
Vacation Spot Hawaii
Magazine Table Talk by: Ligonier Ministries
Cologne Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani
Album Restless Heart: Wheels
Movie Braveheart or
Book See you at the top By Zig Ziglar
Restaurant Piazza Restaurant in Dahlonega Georgia
Website ( Dr. R C Sproul)
Hymn The Love Of God
TV Show Fox and Friends
Toothpaste Colgate
Flowers Roses
First pet German Shepherd Ben
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Ice Cream
Annoys Arrogance
Talent you like to have Song writing
Prize Possession ( Not a living thing) My grandfather college ball cap from 1932
Your Motto Perform like every night is Carnegie Hall
Greatest regret Not learn to play the Piano
Last thing you eat Beef Burrito
Best scar story In 1970 I was in a bad car wreck at age 5. my left leg was broken. I still have a scar on my abdomen from the shattered glass
Most embarrassing moment I don’t have any, But I could give you a few for my brother Michael
Goofiest thing you believe as a child Clouds had batteries
Want to be when you Grow-Up Entertainer
Three people you would invite to dinner President George W Bush, Zig Ziglar Aka  Hilary Hinton , & John Maxwell
Product you would do a commercial for Cologne Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani
Dream Duet I don’t know about duet but I’d love to have sung with the members of The Rat Pack (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, & Sammy Davis Jr.
You’ve been given the keys to a time machine where are you going first I’d go back to the Apostle Paul’s day and sit and talk with him
If a movie was made on you life Title & who play you Thankful & Michael London
Favorite way to relax Sittin’ in my rocking chair listening to music
Last time you laughed until you cried Watching “The Best of Saturday Night Live Will Ferrel”
Celebrity you’ll like to meet Sylvester Stallone
Name Meaning Booth means Hut, Shepherd House
Northern English and Scottish: topographic name for someone who lived in a small hut or bothy, Middle English both(e), especially a cowman or shepherd. The word is of Scandinavian origin (compare Old Danish both, Old Norse buð) and was used to denote various kinds of temporary shelter, typically a cowshed or a herdsman’s hut. In the British Isles the surname is still more common in northern England, where Scandinavian influence was more marked, and in Scotland, where the word was borrowed into Gaelic as both(an).

Ronald means King Mighty
Gender: Masculine
Usage: Scottish, English
Pronounced: RAHN-awld
English and Scottish: from the Old Norse personal name Rögnvaldr; see Ragnvald. This name was regularly used in the Middle Ages in northern England and Scotland, where Scandinavian influence was strong. It is now widespread throughout the English-speaking world. See also Ranald and Raghnall. Short form: Ron.  Pet form: Ronnie

Lee means meadows
Gender: Masculine & Feminine
Usage: English
Pronounced: LEE
English: transferred use of the surname, originally a local name from any of numerous places so called from Old English leah wood or clearing.
SGN Music Awards 2005 Male Vocalist of the Year – Ronnie Booth
SGN Music Awards 2005 Pacesetter Award – given to any artist, song, album, individual, company, etc. that raised the standard in the industry that year.