Booth Brothers History


Jim Brady
BARITONE Ronnie Booth LEAD Michael Booth TENOR

Booth Brothers History

Charles 17, Ron Sr 15
Jim 19, Wallace 21
Genre: Gospel
Major Members: Ronnie Booth, II., Michael Booth, Jim Brady
EX Members: Joseph Smith, Tim Sievert

The long history of the Booth Brothers starts when Ron Booth Sr. was a teenager and formed the original group with brothers Charles Booth, James Booth, and Wallace Booth after moving to Detroit in the late ’50s. They sang locally and regionally until 1963 when Ron Sr., disbanded the group and started singing with the Toney Brothers. Though the success of these quartets’ never achieved much more fame than the musical portion of the neighborhood church picnic, Ron Booth Sr. was a deeply spiritual and musical person after he married and moved south to Brandon, FL, he had two sons and raised them to be musicians.

Michael and Ronnie began traveling with their father as The Booth Brothers after difficult circumstances had led them apart and a healing years later brought them back together. The three would sing together and Ron would share the story of his healing from alcoholism. Father and sons ministered for the next eight years, playing wherever God opened the doors. But in 1998, some health problems determined that it was time for Ron to step down from the stage. He continues to travel with the group, running the sound and lending his fatherly support.

In 1990, the youngest of his sons, Michael Booth, formed the second incarnation of the Booth Brothers by recruiting his father and brother Ronnie Booth II. With the addition of pianist Tim Sievert, the quartet started singing under the name Ron Booth and the Booth Brothers. A few years later, Sievert left the band due to increasing hand problems, but they continued as a trio. They self-released Beyond the Cross with help from arranger/composer Mosie Lister. In 1993, their first popularity surged after an appearance at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion and they again shortened their name to the Booth Brothers. They released their first Morning Star recording, Praise God Any How, in 1995 and after Ron Booth Sr. retired, he was replaced by former Perfect Heart member Joseph Smith. The lineup of Smith, Ronnie Booth Jr., and Michael Booth still exists. The group was awarded the SGMA Artist of the Year in 1999. ~
Nate Cavalieri, All Music Guide…

Joseph Smith, Michael and Ronnie Booth
Jim Brady, Ronnie and Michael Booth
Michael and Ronnie Booth and Jim Brady

Booth Brothers are feature on Gaither Homecoming Videos
Freedom Band, Red Rocks, Jerusalem & Israel, Canadian & Live From Toronto Homecoming

They have been featured at the International Christian Booksellers Association Convention
as well as the Gospel Music Association’s Seminar in the Rockies.

Ron Booth, Sr., was 13 when he and his brothers formed the original Booth Brothers after moving to Detroit, Michigan, from Wayne, West Virginia. The group then consisted of brothers Ron, Sr., tenor, Charles lead, James baritone, and Wallace bass. They had that special harmony that only a family can have. They sang in their home church, Gilead Baptist Church, and around the Michigan, Ohio, area. When Brother James was called into the Army, Ron Holtzhouse, friend of Ron and Charles, joined them for several years.

After the original Booth Brothers disbanded in 1963, Ron, Sr., went on to sing with the Toney Brothers and then with the Rebels Quartet in 1967. Brother Charles joined the Orell Quartet and also sang with the Rebels Quartet for several years.

In 1990, Michael Booth, son of Ron Sr. realized the Lord was calling him to sing instead of play drums. He asked dad and Brother Ronnie II, if they wanted to form a group. Ronnie and Michael had been raised around Gospel Music most of their lives and enjoyed music. They loved the Lord and believed God was calling them to use their talents to serve Him.

They decided to give singing together a try. Dad and Ronnie had been singing for years, but Michael had never ever tried to sing before. He knew he had a lot of catching up to do and gave it his all. When they decided they had a good sound, they started looking for a piano player. They asked Tim Sievert, former piano player for the Rebels Quartet in 1973, if he would be interested in joining their group.
Now that they decided to form a group, they had to come up with a name. Many names were tossed around, but The Booth Brothers kept coming up. The only problem was Ron Sr wasn’t a brother, but dad. The boys decided since dad was recognized by many gospel music fans ~om his years of singing with the Rebels Quartet that they would go with Ron Booth & The Booth Brothers. After many rehearsals, they sang their first concert in 1990 at their home church in Brandon, Florida. Michael recalls he was so scared he kept forgetting to breathe and kept running out of breath. He had no problems playing the drums in front of people, but singing was totally different for him.

They started singing around Florida for several years until Tim started having problems with his hands and had to stop playing the piano. They searched for another piano play but just couldn’t find one. Their good friend, Mosie Lister, had been helping them with some of his songs and mentioned why didn’t they just use the sound tracks he had produced for choral groups and choirs until they could find someone to play. He helped them stack their harmony to fit the sound tracks and thus created the unique family harmony they have today. The first recording they produced was composed of all songs written and/or arranged by Mosie Lister. (Note: They have just recut this recording, Beyond The Cross, because of the wonderful message and music Mosie writes in his songs.)

They started singing a song called “Something Goods About to Happen” where they would stood around one microphone. People seemed to enjoy the unique style of this song. While singing it at a concert in Florida, Charles Waller, promoter of The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, was there and invited them to come to the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion if they would sing that song. That was 1993 and they have been singing at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion every year since.

Eddie Crook with the Eddie Crook Recording Company saw them at The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion and approached them about recording with his company. They released their first Morning Star recording, Praise God Any How, in 1995. They decided their name, Ron Booth & The Booth Brothers was just too long. They decided to drop “Ron Booth &” and just call themselves The Booth Brothers. The name went over fine except for the people who didn’t know them. They just weren’t sure if they were all brothers or not.

They began to be recognized for their unique harmony, style, humor, excitement, and ability to sing any type song. They appeared at the National Quartet Convention for the first time in 1995 and have continued to appear there each year. They were awarded the SGMA Artist of the Year in 1999.

In 1998, dad retired and Uncle Charles sang with them for several months until they could find the right person to join them. Afer much prayer and searching, the Lord led them to Joseph Smith who had been singing with Perfect Heart. Perfect Heart was disbanding and Joseph heard the Booth Brothers were looking for someone. After singing a few songs, they believed Joseph was whom God had sent to them.

They continue to sing with that unique harmony, style, and humor, and Joseph has brought not only his vocal ability to blend with them but his piano ability making them even more versatile in their concerts. With Ronnie playing the guitar, Michael the bass guitar, and Joseph at the piano, they can sing as the Lord leads them whether it’s hymns or gospel song with just sound tracks or the instruments.

Take the time to go hear The Booth Brothers when they’re in your area. You will be entertained and blessed by the songs they sing and testimony of their lives.